Monday, November 21, 2011

The SoundTrack to Marie's Life: Part 3 post in this series, covering the tunes that remind me of my earliest adult years! Check Part 2 here if you missed it, & see the one group that takes me back to my teens.

While Brittany was more popular, I favored Christina a little bit more. Genie In a Bottle, and What a Girl Wants were my favorite songs.

I loved Pink too. Most Girls was my song!

I bought Toni's album a little late, but I loved her voice. Talking in His Sleep was/is awesome!

More tough "Girl Power" type Feel...
I was big No Doubt fan, thanks to my cousin for introducing me to Tragic Kingdom. I loved/love every song on that album...minus, World Go 'Round...but even that one has it's charm, I guess...

Gwen Stefani (& Pink) made me want pink hair!
Ex-Girlfriend was always on repeat.

I discovered Natalie Imbruglia from a TV show, I think; and Nelly Furtado one day at work.

Natalie had the hit song "Torn". Nelly's was "I'm Like a Bird", but that was not the song that made me buy her album.
Party was!

I BLASTED this song from Natalie & rocked out every time! Don't You Think? made me feel all kinds of emotions. LOL

I'm so mad; I couldn't find my Sixpence None the Richer cd. Remember the song, Kiss Me? Okay...remember the movie with Freddie Prince Jr....She's All That, & Rachel Leigh Cook comes down the stairs in her red prom dress?
Never mind. LOL I need to put that one in my Netflix queue.
Anywhoo...I loved Sixpence. The Waiting Room is such a beautiful song. To this day, it can bring me to tears; it's just so beautiful!

From sweet to slightly Terrifying...
I used to love to watch WWF wrestling on TV during the "Attitude" era (thanks Wikipedia;).  I bought the soundtrack to the movie The Punisher just for Kane's theme song, Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven.

A tear, one tractor, & the super cool Boys...
Puddle of Mudd, Staind, Nickelback, Nirvana, Hoobastank, and Stone Temple Pilots found me in college. I loved them all so much & for different reasons.

Not sure why anyone would want to feel sad, but when I wanted to, I'd listen to Staind. When I wanted to feel cool, I'd play some Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots. Nickelback (Hoobastank & Puddle of Mudd) just made me feel good.

The following songs take me back:
Outside, by Staind

Good Times Gone, by Nickelback
Made me want a tractor, a barrel of hay, a horse, & an electric guitar!

You know your right, by Nirvana
Epic cool &!!!!

Crawling in the dark, by Hoobastank
Lol...reminds me of courting my then boyfriend, now Husband.

Blurry, by Puddle of Mudd
The break down at 3:00...Ooh, I love it. I love it. I love it!!! I heard this song on the radio, & racked my brain for weeks trying to remember it to buy the album.

Full circle: that's a Wrap.
I already mentioned Chicago, here in Part 1 of this series; but since my parents only had their records, I had to get my own CD.
In college, I discovered a song that I didn't know growing up. I'm a Man quickly became a favorite.

To fully grasp the awesomeness of this one, you need to set the mood right! Start with a banging pair of flared jeans, a cool pair of shades, and a cow bell. Turn the music up & go crazy on that thing. One can never have too much cow bell! LOL

So that's it everybody.
Hope you enjoyed my little personal soundtrack!

What are some songs that transport you back to your younger self? 
If you have a blog, take Vonnie up on her original invite, and share the SoundTrack to Your Life.
We're listening;)

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At November 21, 2011 at 1:04 AM , Blogger Miss Dre said...

I definitely remember Most Girls by Pink and Ex-Girlfriend by No Doubt being played in heavy rotation during my high school years. Your soundtrack is so cool! I'm going back to check out parts 1 and 2 now. I think I just may take up the invite to do one of my very own as well =)

At November 21, 2011 at 8:15 AM , Blogger Just Daisy said...

I loved the girl power movement. Nelly Furtado was and still is my favorite female artist of all time. Pink was a big hit for me and I always loved Christina over Brittney Spears haha.

I loved Nirvana and The Foo Fighters :)

I keep saying I'm going to use this post as an idea on my blog and I keep on forgetting. It's really great and rich in your history <3


At November 22, 2011 at 9:52 AM , Blogger jas said...

love the flash back songs!

At November 22, 2011 at 12:33 PM , Blogger Clara Turbay said...

It´s great.

At November 22, 2011 at 1:10 PM , Blogger BlueVanilla said...

Oh man i can relate to so many of these jams!
Hot Pink Day
Blue Vanilla

At November 22, 2011 at 8:36 PM , Blogger Monique said...

Aww so fun to think about the music that has had a significant place in your past, great collection of music

At November 28, 2011 at 5:48 PM , Blogger MerelyMarie said...

Thanks everyone for listening:)

At December 2, 2011 at 7:28 PM , Blogger jtbrown said...

You have such an electic tastein music , me likely!


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