Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning to ride a bike as an adult: Testing Blueberry.

Everyone says, once you learn how to ride a bike; it's something you'll never forget.

I'm counting on that.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm thinking too hard about it. That I should just get on the darn thing, push off, and start pedaling.

Sounds easy. Feels scary.


Because it is unfamiliar.

What happens when you go too fast? When you try to stop? Hit a rock, or something?
What if you fall?

Yes! That's my biggest worry. I don't want to fall & hurt myself.

These photos (& this post) are from my second visit to the empty parking lot to practice. We were about to leave, so I took off my helmet & riding gloves.

I was still excited from the week before, and had a good time scooting around some more on my new wheels. I worked up enough courage to lift my feet to the pedals this time...only both feet were trying to go at the exact same time, as the bike glided along, balanced.

I still wasn't going fast enough, because by the time one foot would push down, I ran out of glide.
Wobble, wobble, wobble & brake.

I felt anxious & excited.

I was almost there. I could feel it!
My balance was way better than the last time & I felt more comfortable.

I knew I just needed to go faster, find the pedals (one foot at a time), push down, and keep pedaling.

Next time, Gadget...Next time!!!

I don't think I stopped smiling that entire day.



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