Sunday, August 21, 2011

Resting IS "doing something", right?!

I'm horrible at R&R. Relaxing. Resting...I always feel like I should be doing something (productive), so most times I go & DO it. If I have nothing important or urgent to take care of, I go & find less important stuff to do.

It's rather irritating.

Not sure how this happened, but this past weekend:

I sat down, turned on Netflix, selected Buffy The Vampire Slayer, & watched (fighting myself, hard, not to turn it off & wake up the computer to work, or go to the kitchen to start prepping dinner, or finish reading this book that I had to renew).

 I opened The Book & read.

 I managed to make it to bed before the next day came.

 I went out to breakfast with Husband, instead of cooking it.

 We watched New Jack City & sung (if you ever watched it, you know the tune LOL).

 We walked to the park & swung on swings...
& to our neighborhood ice cream stand...
where I got a strawberry shortcake with vanilla soft serve & devoured it; it was so delicious. I forgot how it's my favorite cake.

R&R; I think got a taste!

Ever feel like you need to be busy?



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