Friday, July 29, 2011

Mind Chatter: Open the Vents, it's Honest in Here. Errors, Blog Growth & Blog Comments.

best of blogs photobook
I was recently notified that my photo of banana cake would be included in the BlogHer "Best of Blogs 2011" photobook! How exciting!!! A copy of the book will be mailed to me. Can't wait to see it & share with you!

date ideas
As much as I am a home-body, I've been aching to just GO somewhere & DO something before the summer is up. I'm even willing to brave this heat & humidity (and I really, REALLY dislike sweating under the sun), but I just gotta go.
So...husband and I are taking somewhat of a "staycation"; although, I prefer to call it "Several Days of Dates". We're going to the conservatory (never been), the zoo (it's been decades), mini-golfing (it's been awhile), and to see Cirque de Soleil (never been, have you?); hopefully we can also go on a fireworks cruise.
Trying some new restaurants along the way, is also on the menu (pun intended)!

I love spending time with The Mr.!
If I'm MIA next week; that's where I'll be...suffering the heat for love:)
What are your favorite places to go on a date?
If you're married, do you have to make an effort for date nights?

Date days seem easier to plan than date nights.
Husband & I are the "dinner & a movie" date night type.
We are not drinkers, smokers, or dancers for that matter. We also aren't big fans of crowds. This makes our night out options pretty simple, and somewhat limited where we live.
Dinner & a movie.
It's good, but it'd be nice to have at least one other option.
Any low-key, night out ideas? 
Is there a such thing as nightlife beyond clubs & bars?

I hate making spelling errors. Whenever I see them, my mind auto corrects. When I see them in old posts of mine, I cringe. I was somewhat of a proofreader/editor for several years (though it wasn't in my job description). I no longer want to be a stickler for words. I want to be more free with my writing typing on this blog...just type, maybe click check spelling, and post; instead of thinking, typing, reading, going back & making changes, reading, going back & making more changes, clicking check spelling...
Are you bothered when you read spelling/grammatical errors?

blog growth
As a blogger, you naturally want people to visit, read, and comment on your blog. If they follow, it's even more exciting.
I am very pleased & grateful for the growth of MerelyMarie. I appreciate everyone who stops by. When I first started blogging, I wanted my page to be HUGE (I mean HUGE enough to earn full-time job income). I still do, but I want to go about growing the blog a certain way.

I know it takes time & tons of quality posts for a blog to grow, but MM has other issues that make blog growth somewhat difficult.
Like what?

• I'm "niche-less"; by choice.
It's often suggested that if you want to be a big, successful blogger, you need to have a niche. One topic, that you can own; be somewhat of an "expert" on, so you can share what you know. Why? Because people are usually on the Internet, searching for information...that, or to be entertained.
When you blog about several different topics, it's difficult to get recognized as an authority on one. When you blog about your life, it's even harder; as it is a guarantee that no one is googling, "what's Marie favorite coffee blend".
You know?
It's like...So What, Who Cares!? *Joy Behar shrug* LOL
I had a niche with my old blog, but, I felt really compelled to share a little more of myself, along with all the things that I love.
Can a blog like that really make it HUGE?

• I decided awhile ago to no longer tell people to follow. 
I want them to follow because They Want To Follow.
It's cooler to have 10 people following who actually like & read my blog, than 1000 who follow merely because I told them to, or because I follow them, or to win a giveaway. It's like, "well...what are really you here for?".
I think it's easier to grow a blog & gain followers (fast) with open giveaways, but I don't really care for the idea. That's why I designate giveaways for those who already follow. For MerelyMarie followers who visit, read & engage with me regularly, it ruins their chances of winning when others subscribe merely to get something for free. I just don't think that's fair.
Are there any HUGE (niche-less/personal) blogs out there in the blogosphere, with a genuine following? 

Maybe, I just need to either work on, or get past this & just promote.
Which brings me to my last point...

I don't want to promote.
I love my blog, and I think it's awesome! Sometimes I want to shout it from the rooftops! Yes..picture me standing on top of a roof, screaming "Visit's awesome & I love it!!!"
Yeah, real classy Marie.
Other times, I like & appreciate that MM is this somewhat private space for me to share with a small group of people. I'm not sure how I'd feel about my neighbors knowing about my blog.
I'm torn.
Can you grow a blog without blatantly promoting it?

blog comments
Not only do I want to be more free in writing blog posts, but in commenting on other's blog posts. I've been trying this out for a few months, and it feels quite nice.

Do you ever type out a comment, read it, then hit the backspace button all the way back to the beginning?
Have you ever felt compelled to comment, but decided against it? Or, maybe you started to, but immediately closed out the window; because your mind said something like: "that will sound corny/lame", 
"that will sound corny/lame...& it'd forever be linked to MY profile", "124 comments...somebody probably said that already", or "that...doesn't...make ANY sense".
I have.
I'll try not to anymore.

I'm learning to feel good about whatever words I put out there, because they are mine.

I'm somewhat of a serious person, but I can be exceptionally silly & cheesy at times. I get called "gay" a lot by family, because I tend to romanticize things with a smile on my face. 

Feel free to keep this in mind, when you read my comments & future posts:)

Bloggers value comments; authentic comments make us smile, but most times we I just like knowing that you're there. Honest feedback is always appreciated! If you've read something and honestly thought it was great, there's nothing wrong with commenting "Great post!", in my opinion; if that's what you want to say. It's true & if anything, your saying so via commenting lets me know, Hey, they read & liked what I had to say...Cool!

...& now it's 1:44 in the A.M., and I'm blogging about blogging.

Is that the end of this endless Mind Chatter?!
I think so.



At July 29, 2011 at 9:37 AM , Blogger Monique said...

Congrats! As far as dates go we go out quite often but i don't call it a date perse when spoken just amongst us...we just go to events our friends host, to the movies, cycling to an ice cream shop...stuff like that.

At July 29, 2011 at 3:05 PM , Blogger Behind My Eyes said...

Have fun on your mini vaca! Cirque du Soleil is awesome. I had fun and I went back in 2009. I don't know if any changes would be made to the show since it is now 2011.

At July 29, 2011 at 10:35 PM , Blogger jtbrown said...

I hope you have a great time!

At August 5, 2011 at 9:14 AM , Blogger Neeta said...

This sounds like FUN and soooo ROMANTIC!!! Random dates are always so fun!!!

Date ideas: Hubs and I try to have date night every 2 weeks. So far, we've succeeded. We love eating so dinner at a nice restaurant is a must. We normally catch a movie and have dinner. Those nights are fun simply because it feels like we are having our first date everytime. I still get excited at work and start thinking about what I'll

Errors: OMG! I thought I was the only one. I cringe at my errors and get so embarrassed.

Blog growth: I love everything you had to say and feel the same way. I'm so random so I know that having 1 topic to discuss is just not going to happen for me.

Blog comments: I love this I'm lame, cheesy, a cornball and everything in between. I'm very silly and can turn anything into a joke. I think that's why my Husband married me. I keep him laughing. To be honest, your comments crack me up. I know when you say "Neeta LOL" then I actually made you laugh or smile and that is the coolest thing!

Keep doing what you do, I love your blog!!!

At August 6, 2011 at 2:29 AM , Blogger MerelyMarie said...

Thanks Neeta:)

That's so cute that you get exciting thinking about date night & what you'll wear!
I do too! LOL

I appreciate you chiming in here about the blog stuff. Thanks again!

At August 25, 2011 at 10:56 PM , Blogger DeeReed said...

Thank you for this post! I love your blog! I am a blogger as well and every item listed regarding your mindless chatter goes through my mind EVERY SINGLE DAY. Good to know I'm not a dork!


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