Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Micky & Dicky.

The Fighter, Movie
Micky Ward (Wahlberg) is a struggling boxer long overshadowed by his older brother and trainer, Dicky (Bale), a local legend battling his own demons. Their explosive relationship threatens to take them both down - but the bond of blood may be their only chance for redemption. -Amazon
Very good movie!
The costume designer did a fantastic job. The ensembles were so 90s! LOL
Christian Bale...awesome.
Mark Wahlberg...awesome.
I very much liked Amy Adams too!


When I saw the clip at the very end of the real Ward brothers (because the movie is based on a true story); that is when I was just; amazed. How Christian Bale portrayed Dicky was on; WOW!

A couple images of the 90's clothes.
Blue jean top & I think...matching jeans! that a bodysuit?!
I also spotted a Guess triangle on the back of an acid washed denim skirt.
Nice! LOL

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