Monday, May 30, 2011

Marie Tweets.

MerelyMarie is now on Twitter!

I hope to tweet:
• All things relevant to MerelyMarie & MerelyBlogDesign
• Useful/interesting/cool things that I come across on the web
• A few random non-blog related happenings & maybe...
maybe somethings about myself along the way

Feel free to follow. I appreciate you for it if you do. Thanks!

Oh &...
In addition to Twitter...I finally figured out how to add an RSS subscription; so, you can now catch MM in places like MyYahoo, MyAOL, Your Google Homepage or Reader, and other news readers.
Here's how...
To the right, just click the first icon under "subscribe: rss • email • twitter • facebook". A new window should pop open & on the upper right it should say "Subscribe Now!". Select your reader option or get MerelyMarie delivered by email. And, that's it!


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