Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's In that Bag? Answer.

It is...of course, leg wear!!! Thanks girlies for playing along:)
While perusing the store on a recent visit; nothing really grabbed me by my wallet snap & said, "Buy me Marie, no matter what the costs!". Sadly, it's been a long, long while since this has happened to me in my most favorite clothing store.

Dearest J.Crew: What's happening to us? I still get giddy with glee when you arrive on my doorstep & when I travel to yours...and yet, you don't swoon me like you used to:( There was a time when I wanted EVERYTHING in your catalogs. Darn it, I wanted to live in your catalogs! Sigh. What???????....
Yes!...I will meet you online, Saturday!

Sorry about that.

Anyway, I love Hue & Berkshire tights, but have yet to try J.Crew's. Since they were on sale, I thought it a great time to pick up a couple pair. I washed and tried on the black footless tights, and didn't want to take them off! Comfy. You know...Some tights like to pinch you around the "stomach pooch", if you have one of those. LOL These did not. Yay!!!

Hey, what's your favorite clothing store!?



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