Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Tangle Teezer on: Dry Hair. Moisturized Hair...& Wet Hair too.

There is currently a lot of buzz online about this brush, the Tangle Teezer. After receiving the idea to review it from a dear subscriber, I tested this brush out on my hair.

I should mention that I rarely brush my hair, but if there's one process I'd like to improve & get through faster in my hair regimen, it's detangling!

So, I bought the Tangle Teezer, with my own moola, from Sally Beauty for $10.

It's kinda funny: I went in the store and there were none on the shelves. I asked the cashier if they were out of Tangle Teezers. She said, "Yes." Then, "'s one.", and she slowly (it was so slow, you guys) pulls a pink one out from under the counter. Though she was virtually expressionless...very nonchalant about the matter; with every passing moment, I was hoping...praying it'd be a pink one! LOL

To Really Test Drive the Tangle Teezer, First, I Tried it on Dry Hair. 

No moisturizer. No water.

I sectioned my hair, having worn it in a braid out, and on the first section, I started the first brush stroke at the roots! 

Didn't work!!! LOL I think the brush moved down the length of my hair about 2cms, before coming to an abrupt halt.

I then, started at the ends.
I brushed through the ends of my hair; and worked my way up. I tried brushing underneath my hair with the bristles pointing upward; as well as, over my hair, with the teeth pointing downward.

The brush detangled the very ends of my hair, effortlessly. This is no easy feat, as the very ends of my hair are super thick. Often times, when I'm braiding my hair & I get to the ends, I can't really braid anymore; unless I spray the three sections with water, and pull them very taut.
The brush virtually straighten my hair; granted, my hair was already stretched out due to the braid out style it was in. Nevertheless, I can see this brush doing a wonderful job, when stretched out hair is desired.

The brush does not have a handle. Okay. That's fine. I knew this going in, but why does it have to be so bulky. The brush is not very comfortable to hold.
The bristles are too short. I had to make the sections quite thin/small, so the brush bristles could get through them.
The brush snagged some of my strands out, when I wasn't tentative (the Tangle Teezer says, "Don't be Tentative!"). They weren't hairs that were already shed either. They were hairs that were attached to my scalp. I heard them snap, if that makes sense.
The brush didn't detangle the length of my hair as easily, as it did the ends. It took some very slow, careful maneuvering, to not pull out any more hairs. After several snaps, I gave up detangling on dry hair. I think I managed to brush 3-4 sections with the Tangle Teezer, on dry hair.

Next, I Tried the Tangle Teezer on Moisturized Hair.

I misted my dry hair with water, and applied some moisturizer.
I sectioned my hair, again; and started slowly from the ends...and brushed my way up a section. Again, I tried both over & under brush strokes.

This worked much better, than on dry hair. The brush was better able to detangle the length, as well as the ends. It was overall, a bit smoother.

The Tangle Teezer didn't just glide through my hair. I still had to brush slowly...carefully, to avoid snagging.

Finally, I tried the Tangle Teezer on Wet Hair.

I washed & deep conditioned my hair, then applied a leave-in conditioner, and separated into sections. Again, I started at the ends of a section & worked my way up. Over & under brush strokes were tried.

This was the first time, the brush glided through my hair with ease. After brushing from the ends up a couple times, I was easily able to brush from the root down. Gliiide!
I could tell that the Tangle Teezer removed virtually every tangle.
It smooth my strands, and encouraged them to clump together & coil up in a "defined-like" manner.
I didn't have to move as slowly/carefully as I did on dry & moisturized hair.

Again, the size/design of the brush. I think the entire brush is made out of plastic (correct me if I have this wrong). It has little curves around the edges for your fingers to grip, nevertheless, it felt like it was slipping. I kept having to readjust & turn the brush to fully grasp it. Not a pleasant thing when you're brushing wet hair.
It still took too much time! I didn't measure how long any of this took, but it felt like forever. I finished detangling about a third of my head, when the remainder two-thirds of my hair started to dry up. The brush could not just "gliiide" through these drier sections. I started to wet them again, but got tired & a bit frustrated. I used my wide tooth comb to finish detangling.

Overall (& though the product doesn't precisely promise this), I was hoping that the Tangle Teezer would make my detangling sessions much faster. 

Alas, it did not. 

After the first snag, I found myself being extra slow & precautious in anticipation of more snags & then breakage, instead of just casually brushing my hair.
Usually when I detangle, it's with a swift certainty! LOL
It may be because it is a new tool... and I just need to use it more often. On the other hand, the Jilbere Shower Comb won me over on the first use.

I'm indifferent about the Tangle Teezer!
I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. It has its plus's & its minus's. One major plus, is that it is the easiest brush I have ever cleaned. All the hair, (and it wasn't much surprisingly) came out in 1-2 motions with my fine tooth comb.

Marie's Top 6 Reasons to Try the Tangle Teezer:

6. You usually detangle on wet hair
5. You want smoother "laid-down" looking strands
4. You want more "defined-looking" hair
3. You want to stretch out your hair
2. You want to remove every tangle from your hair
1. You are a very, very, VERY patient person when you detangle your hair

What are your thoughts on the Tangle Teezer?
With or without it, any tips for detangling faster?

Any questions, Ask Away...

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