Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soaps & I Can't...Forget New Jersey.

Growing up, I'd come home from school, drink coffee & watch soap operas with my siblings. I suppose this was my moms way of letting us unwind a bit before getting to our homework. I remember All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital the most. Not sure how I watched most of these, as they came on in the early afternoon (these were the days before you could record TV, less you had a VCR. LOL). Must of had a half day or something. Anywhoo...

Awhile back, I "semi-watched" (was blogging at the time) New Jersey Drive for the first time, with Husband. He couldn't believe I'd never seen it. Not even half-way through the movie, I had to ask him how old he was when he first saw it. He replied that he was in the 7th or 8th grade, saw it in the theater, and that "It's Real Out Here!" LOL Anyone who knows him, knows that he knows little about it being "Real Out Here!". So funny.

All this lead me to think about shows or movies we watched as preteens/early teens, and if we may have been too young to have seen them. Young minds are impressionable, aren't they??? I know mines was.

I remember my parents shooing me out of the room, if something "adult" or "ultra violent" was on the screen, but we were allowed to watch soaps. Nothing major, I suppose. It was "Day-Time Television". Nontheless, something funny to ask me Mom about...

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