Saturday, March 5, 2011

Preparing For the Major Cut: A walk down Memory Mane.

Beanies & beret hats.
Cute hair pins.
Staple products.
Hair scissor.
Pretty hair bands.
Large earrings.
I even considered buying makeup (i.e., foundation; but that's another story)...

Eight months had past since my last relaxer touch up.
I researched, heavily, online about what to do.

June 2010, I had everything in place, but my feelings. 

The "Should I?", or "Shouldn't I?" cut off all my "long" hair, was wracking my brain.  
How would I look? Feminine??? I sure hoped! 
What would my texture really look like, without the relaxed ends hanging on? Would I have any curls? I won't lie. At the time, I hoped!  
What kind of styles could I do with very short hair? Could I do any styles at all?

I finally decided to just put myself out of my own misery, and just do it.
Just cut it all off.

How did I know I was ready?

I couldn't stop thinking about it!!!

• I felt more excited than nervous.
• I would anxiously twist my hair at the roots & then stop when I got to the processed hair.
• I was anxious to do a twist out.
• I was anxious to do a wash & go.
• I couldn't wait to be able to wash/condition/style my hair in minutes, instead of hours.
• I couldn't wait to feel the warm breeze of summer touch my scalp.
• I didn't care anymore about length, and was actually getting excited about the idea of having very short hair...the shortest hair I'd have since birth!
• I knew that there wouldn't be any hiding my hair (unless I wore a hat). It'd just be me & my hair throughout all the grow out stages...the Good, the Bad, & the Not so pretty! LOL
• I was prepared for great hair days.
If the not so great hair days came, I knew I'd be ready for them too.

Did you prepare for your Major Cut?
How did you know you were ready?

See the deets about my Major Cut here!

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At March 9, 2011 at 4:49 PM , Blogger LoveNWright said...

I didn't big chop...I had a devastating tragedy prior to and couldn't fanthom dealing with another short hair experience! I transitiod for 18 months and did "baby clips" along the way!! More power to you for cutting it off in one faily swoop!!

hair .|. finance .|. womanhood

At March 10, 2011 at 2:55 PM , Blogger Marie said...

Kay: Thanks!!! I initially wanted to transition long (2-3 yrs.) & trim off an inch as an inch grew in. That's a great way to go to keep length. Sorry to hear about your horrible short hair experience.


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