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Hair: Products & Regimen ~ UPDATED.

For nearly a year now, if not over a year; I've used Jane Carter hair products.
I love most of them because they give my hair an amazing shine, without feeling like my hair is being weighed down by product, and they smell absolutely wonderful! The shampoo, conditioners, and Nourish and shine all smell so lovely; very fresh & clean!
The scalp products on the other hand, smell like oils...slightly herbal/medicinal.

Scalp Renew • I haven't really used this pre-shampoo treatment consistently enough to give it a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. It says that it's suppose to make your scalp feel "tingly"; which is precisely why I bought this product, because my scalp is usually dry/itchy. There is a slight tingle, as you massage it in. A very slight cooling sensation.
Is it as tingly as I'd like/expected?
No. I wanted more tingle! LOL
But, I can't blame the product, as I have a history with eczema/dermatitis. For awhile, I had to use a prescription shampoo from my dermatologist.

Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo (SLS-FREE) • I picked this one up after trying the Jane Carter Moisture Nourishing Shampoo, which oddly enough made my hair feel stripped/dry. I much prefer this SLS-Free shampoo. It makes my hair feel clean, as well as somewhat moisturized. It also smells terrific & lathers very nicely. I like a good lather! It makes me feel like my hair is actually getting clean, if that makes sense.

Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner • Overall, decent conditioner. I use it to deep condition my hair, and it actually encourages my hair to coil up tight in a very short "defined-like" additional products necessary! Therefore, it's excellent for my Wash & Go hair. Not so good though, when I want big, fluffy, "longer-looking" hair.
Provides good moisture. Smells amazing!!! Not very slippery though, if you comb through your hair under running water, in the shower. Seems like the product rinses out too fast. Nevertheless, after rinsing out this conditioner...Major Shine! I've never had a rinse out conditioner make my hair look so shiny.

Revitalizing Leave-in conditioner • Out of all the products, I go through this one most often. I use it, not only after I wash my hair, but whenever my hair starts to look dry. It comes in a spray bottle! I love "spray" leave-ins, because I hate having to rub a product between my hands and manually apply it all over my hair. Takes too much time!!! This leave-in, (again, like most of the products in this line), gives amazing shine to my hair & smells terrific.

Scalp Nourishing Serum • I was using this directly after I washed my hair, and 1-2 times throughout the week. I stopped using it a couple weeks ago, when my scalp suddenly became irritated.
Anywhoo, It comes with a little dropper applicator, so you can easily apply it to your scalp. I didn't mind getting the serum on my hair though, as I massaged it in. The combination of oils...Major Shine & Luster for days!!! While this is not the true purpose of the product (Jane Carter also has a hair serum. I have not tried it, yet.), that is what I love most about it. Whether or not it truly "nourished" my scalp, I can't say. Again, I have underlying scalp/skin issues. At any moment, without notice; something can irritate it.

Nourish & Shine • Like virtually everything else listed here, once more... Smells DIVINE & makes my hair SHINE, SHINE, SHINE! It can also be used on your skin, but I mainly use it to moisturize my hair during the week, after misting it with water.  Not even a dime-size will do for my entire head, but occasionally I get carried away by the smell, using too much & my hair winds up feeling greasy! This jar also lasts a long time. It's been over a year & I'm still on my first jar.

Overall, I would repurchase every bulleted product listed here, minus the scalp renew & scalp serum. I didn't really care for them, as they were intended to use.

My scalp never really liked added oils & stuff anyway, so I'm not going to use them.
I do like a good "spa treatment massage" when I shampoo. So, I recently picked up a tiny bottle of Giovanni's Tea Tree Shampoo. Now, there's a TINGLE for your scalp!

Here is my Current Regimen (1-2 times a week):
• On dry hair. Sometimes I wet it first. Sometimes I wet it & apply conditioner. It all depends on how dry my hair feels and how lazy I'm feeling.
• For now & prob. until my hair grows a bit longer, I have to part it in about 8 sections and braid each one before washing (looser at the scalp & tighter down the length of my hair) to avoid tangles.
• After wetting my hair, I then apply the shampoo directly to my scalp with an applicator bottle or eye dropper & massage it to a lather, and then patting the lather down into the braids. After rinsing, I take down the braids.
Deep Condition: 
• I apply my conditioner to the unbraided sections. Comb through, rebraid each section, and rinse after letting the conditioner sit on my hair for about 20 mins. - 1 hour. Sometimes, I undo the braids before rinsing out the conditioner.
• Spray my hair with leave-in. Comb. Section. Twist or Braid. Let air dry overnight. In the A.M., I undo the twists or braids to wear my hair down out;)
• As needed, I spray my hair with leave-in or moisturize; as mentioned above. Comb, rebraid or retwist, and sleep on a satin pillow case or wear a satin bonnet, nightly.

Hair Regimen Update (1-2 times a week):
I no longer detangle prior to shampooing.

Wash & Deep Condition:
I shampoo, and deep condition (15 min. minimum) with my hair loose (no more braids); and detangle while the conditioner is on my hair. I usually use either Jane Carter or Giovanni products.

After applying leave-in conditioner, I braid, twist, or bantu knot my hair in about 9-12 sections (sometimes, I just leave it for a wash & go...see color photos).

After it air dries, I take down my hair & fluff, using my trusty hair pick to comb at the roots & disguise any parts to wear my hair out.

I moisturize with water & Nourish & Shine 1-2 times a week, and wear a satin bonnet nightly. I try my best to re-braid/twist/bantu knot my hair at night, for easy styling in the AM.

Any questions, Ask Away...

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At March 2, 2011 at 12:53 PM , Blogger socialitedreams said...

i like the scalp serum, may try out the nourish and shine :)



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