Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sounds like Music, annnd...I'm Dancing. + Posting Schedule!

Sometimes I value silence, but music is wonderful!
It does things to a person, doesn't it?

It's funny how certain songs can:
• Change your mood within the first beat & make you feel a certain way
• Take you back to a specific moment in time, in your life
• Bring particular people to the forefront of your mind
• Make you want to cry
• Make you smile
• Make you want to dance

Updates on Post Schedule inside...

Posting everyday is not impossible, just slightly unrealistic for me as I try to bring my vision for MerelyMarie to life. Also, I don't want to flood the inboxes of those of you who have signed up for the emailed updates.

So, updates will be coming twice a week. There will be 2-4 new posts in each update.
Of course...
If I have something; I just have to share with you in between those updates...I will, at any time:)



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