Thursday, February 17, 2011

Message Over Music?

Ever hear a song, love the tune...rhythm...beat, but can't understand many or any words of the lyrics?

Ever love a song for years, but never really knew what the song was truly about? How did you feel when you finally learned what the song was about?
What was the song???

I haven't really cared for Rap music in years...(not since the era of 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, & BTNH circa East 1999 & maybe a few years after that).

There are a handful of rap songs out now, that I actually dig (i.e., Won't Back Down, by Eminem & Pink...This song is Soooo B.A!.; and Moment for Life by Nicki Minaj...This song feels so 90's!), but back then, it was truly all about the music! A seriously catchy tune & the most perfectly matched flow of words. While some of the words were simply said too fast to grasp, or at least too "slang" for me to understand; I knew most of the lyrics were about drugs, sex, and murder.
Did I care?

Absolutely not! LOL What can I say? I was young & wanted to be a tough customer, even though I loved school & kept my head in the books!

It actually somewhat frightens me to go back now and actually listen to, or read the lyrics of songs that I loved, but did not quite understand. Nevertheless, I will forever love certain songs, no matter the message. The music is just too good to ignore. The music is a part of my life's history.

Now...NEW MUSIC, I'm more anxious to read the lyrics first to know exactly what different artists are singing/talking about. Does finding "indecent lyrics" keep a new song off my Ipod? Not necessarily.

What Say You? Does lyrics determine whether or not you'll listen?



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