Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't Dawdle. Do!

Do It!! Part 2/2, by Sunshinelovespeace

Yes!!!! Great motivation to get moving & do the things that you want to do, right now.

I know, a lot of times I have a million ideas swirling around in my head, but they never become anything more than that. Just ideas. Other times, I get lazy and make up a date, sometime in the future, for when I'll get started on whatever it is that I want to do. Just procrastinating.

Lately, I've been sadly reminded how you never know what day will be your last. So, why not make the most of today; and live for it & celebrate it, by doing. No more thinking...No more waiting...Doing. Because, tomorrow may or may not be.

Another thing I think about is...are goals in general. How in the beginning, we set them & put them on a time frame, but it isn't until we come to the day of accomplishing our goals that we are satisfied...content...happy. What about all the time spent in between starting & accomplishing?! What about the journey to the goal? What about being satisfied...content...happy during the process of reaching a goal, and not just after.

I know when I first started my hair journey (with relaxed hair), I always said things like, "I will be so happy when 2009 gets hair will be arm-pit length then." It was 2007 & my hair was about neck length! So, for 2 years (while I was not miserable or anything like that), I didn't celebrate everyday of my journey, like it was that day in 2009 when I'd finally met my goal. Now, I wonder why that was. What if that day of accomplishment didn't occur. It would have been 2 years of...just longing for another day to be happy.

Not a pleasant thing to think about, I know.



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