Monday, January 10, 2011

The Retiring Perfectionist Journey: Lesson 4.

Lesson 4
Realize You Can Try Again

You didn’t pass the driver’s license test the first time. You burnt dinner trying a new cooking technique. You didn't get the new job you interviewed for. Your first roller set didn't turn out so great.

So, you failed on the first try. I've had a great deal of instances like these, and instantly felt like the world had just ended. Why? Because going in to it, I believed that I only had one chance; and I had to get it absolutely right. Coming out of it, having failed, I’d go extra hard on myself for not getting it right. Thoughts pounding my brain about what I should have said…What I could have done...What would have made the results turn out differently...Turn out right...Turn out perfect.

Instead of beating myself up, I now try to remember that life is full of second chances and do-overs. I can try again! You can try again! Take the driver's license test again...Broil ribs in the oven again...Apply for a different job...Etc.
Try to go into what ever it is (that you’re doing) with the calm belief that whatever happens…is going to happen. There is a Do-over with your name on it, should you need it.

Okay,...that's all I have for the moment in my journey. I will probably be adding lessons as they come to me in the future. If you have anything you'd like to add or share in regards to being a perfectionist or having perfectionist ways and wanting to get past them, please do in a message below. Thanks:)

Oh, and if you missed them, here are Lessons 1, 2, & 3.



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