Friday, January 7, 2011

The Retiring Perfectionist Journey: Lesson 3.

Lesson 3
Look At The Positives & Give Yourself Credit

It's often hard for you to applaud your own efforts, especially, if they don't immediately bring you stellar results. I know my mind almost immediately backtracks to that one thing I did wrong which cost me my desired perfect outcome, then, repeats it to me over, and over, and over again; overlooking the few things that I did well along the way.

What a horrible thing to do to yourself! Right?!

Learn to look on the bright side; you put forth effort...You tried. Most don’t even attempt trying. Train your brain to backtrack to your strengths and repeat those over, and over, and over again; but play them louder than that sad song about what you did wrong.
When things don’t turn out how you expect them to, learn to seek the positives in your efforts, and then, pat yourself on the back for giving it a go.

4th and final Lesson (at this time) coming up next...
Check out 1 and 2, if you missed them! Let me know what you think:)



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