Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Retiring Perfectionist Journey: Lesson 1.

In this post, I mentioned retiring from my perfectionist ways. If you too struggle with having to have virtually everything "just so", than perhaps the following lesson (and coming lessons) will help you in some way as well.

Lesson 1
Let Others Help You

If you're a total "Do-It-Yourself" type, like me, it is extremely difficult to accept help from other people.  
Because you firmly believe that if you want something done (to your "particular" standard), then you should be the sole person to take care of it. While this is okay with some things (i.e.,styling your hair), it's not with Everything (i.e., planning, cooking, and hosting Thanksgiving Dinner).

I’m slowly learning to just stop trying to "Do Everything". Doing everything can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you have a lot of things to do, but more so, when you set the standard so high, sometimes you can't even reach it. As a perfectionist, falling short of your own standard is the absolute worst because you beat yourself up extra hard for it, and this is no good for you.

To get pass this kind of "self-abuse", simply ask for help when you know you need assistance. Let others help you, when they offer; especially if the persons offering are fully capable. Don't be so quick to doubt their abilities. (Using the Thanksgiving Dinner example, Let someone else do the shopping. Let someone else prepare the side dishes. Let someone else host at their house.) You may be surprised at how much easier, or shorter your "To-Do List" can be with the help of other people.

Help doesn't hurt. In fact, it can:
• Alleviate or eliminate stress
• Lift unnecessary weight off your shoulders
• Leave you feeling less overwhelmed
• Remove 1 or even 2 items off your list of Things To Do

So, What do you say?
Please stay tuned:) Lesson 2 is up next...



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